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Berkut cradle in Mongolia

Berkut cradle in low resolution

Date Created: 03 July 2008

Used by the nomadic eagle falconers (berkutchi) of Central Asia this cradle is generally used when the family load up their entire worldly possessions onto their Yaks and Camels and move to new pastures. It is advantageous to have the eagle confined and safe whilst the men folk are all occupied with rounding up and moving their large flocks of goat, sheep, horses, yaks and camels. The cradle containing the eagle would be fastened to the side of a cart with the rest of their belongings, or as in this case was slung on a horse when riding long distances at speed. For more information on Mongolian Berkutchi visit www.eaglefalconer.com

Author: Alan Gates

Source: Alan Gates

Owner: Alan Gates

Location: Western Mongolia

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