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Chief falconer "Douanskij Passa ofwer Falka"

Date Created: 25 September 2013

Chief Falconer "Douanskij Passa ofwer Falke". The "Ralamb Costume book" is a small volume containing 121 miniatures in Indian ink with gouache and some gilding, displaying Turkish officials, occupations and folk types. They were acquired in Constantinople in 1657-58 by Claes Ralamb who led a Swedish embassy to the Sublime Porte, and arrived in the Swedish Royal Library / Manuscript Department in 1886.

Author: Claes Ralamb

Source: The Internet

Owner: Swedish Royal Library/Manuscript Department

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Link to Website: http://goran.baarnhielm.net/draktbok/eng/51.htm

Click link to to download the file: Chief Falconer Pinterest (1.73 MB)