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Falconry/hawking drum of 18th century 1

Date Created: 16 October 2013

Falconry/Hawking drum of 18th century.

This is a Hawking Drum, 18C. probably Ottoman (but can be Arab as well) used since early times in Falconry. Such
drums were used to scare the prey before releasing the falcon for the hunt. Truncated cone of cast bronze, 6 inches diameter, 5 inches tall. Leather missing. Rare item.

Author: Unknown

Source: The Internet

Owner: Oriental Arms

Location: Haifa, Israel

Link to Website: http://www.oriental-arms.co.il/item.php?id=4604

Click link to to download the file: Orienta Arms 18 c falconry drum 1 (126.72 KB)