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Artefacts - Eagle (221 to 240 of 469)

Artefact Kyrgyzstan Berkut Jesses Kyrgyzstan Berkut Jesses
Artefact Hungarian Eagle Hood Hungarian Eagle Hood
Artefact Czech Eagle Hood Czech Eagle Hood
Artefact Prized Berkut Prized Berkut
Artefact Kyrgyz Eagle Hood, "Tomaga" Kyrgyz Eagle Hood, "Tomaga"
Artefact Kazakh Hood Maker Kazakh Hood Maker
Artefact Food Scoop or "Zhem Ayak" Food Scoop or "Zhem Ayak"
Artefact Mongolian Kazakh Horse Mongolian Kazakh Horse
Artefact Goldie escapes in London Photograph, Golden Eagle escapes in London
Artefact Eagle Hunter at Festival in Mongolia Eagle Hunter at Festival in Mongolia
Artefact Decorated Kazakh Eagle Hoods Decorated Kazakh Eagle Hoods in Mongolia
Artefact Berkut Jesses and Glove in Mongoli Berkut Jesses and Glove in Mongolia
Artefact Berkut Hood in Mongolia Berkut Hood in Mongolia
Artefact Berkut cradle in Mongolia Berkut cradle in Mongolia
Artefact Ketabe baznameh Persia 12th century Ketabe baznameh of 12th century from Persia
Artefact Chinese Berkut hood Contemporary hood for Berkut eagle, used by the Uigur minority in Xianjiang, China
Artefact Chinese eagle jesses Jesses for Berkut eagle
Artefact Chinese eagle brace Wooden support for carrying Berkut eagles
Artefact Hunting with Golden Eagles from T.E.Gordon's Roof of the World, 1876 Original Drawing
Artefact Kazakh coin at 100 tenge issued in 1995 Photograph of the coin