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Artefacts - Hawk (301 to 320 of 652)

Artefact Chinese water bottle, Hu lu Chinese Drinking Tube
Artefact Chinese Hawking Bag Chinese Hawking Bag
Artefact Chinese Falconry swivels Chinese Falconry swivels
Artefact Chinese Food Bowl Hawk food bowl "Shi piao"
Artefact Arm Sleeve, Tao Xiu Arm Sleeve from China, Tao Xiu
Artefact Ketabe baznameh Persia 12th century Ketabe baznameh of 12th century from Persia
Artefact Pheasant-hawking near Kapson, Korea, 1913 Pheasant-hawking near Kapson, Korea, 1913
Artefact John Tchalenko - Images from the Endgame 3 photos of Qarapapakh falconers from the book by John Tchalenko "Images From the Endgame" Persia through a Russian Lens 1901-1914.
Artefact Hawking Glove As used by the The Old Hawking Club made by either Grant and Co.23, Picadilly London or the Gaiter maker at Amesbury Wiltshire
Artefact Falconry - Picture by Oleg Sergeevich Maslov Original Drawing
Artefact In the Middle Asia. Exit for falconry Original drawing
Artefact Garment called man's corset Original Drawing
Artefact Women conversing, man with bird, 12th century Original Drawing
Artefact Tunic line with ermine Original Artwork
Artefact With a Bird on a Hand - exhibition at Far-Eastern University An exhibition devoted to the International Birds
Artefact Hawking at the Great Wall By Arthur Adams in "The Zoologist", 1861, edited by Jakob E. Borch
Artefact A trained mature Siberian goshawk with an austringer in South Korea Colour Photograph
Artefact Falconer: red hose, violet-black doublet, brown slashed sleeves, green boots w. gray reveres, black Image
Factsheet The FHT Board Meeting in May 2005 in the United Kingdom The FHT Board Meeting in May 2005 in the United Kingdom
Book The Hamond Letters About hundred letters between the Netherlands and Great Britain with interesting and valuable pieces on falconry