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Artefacts By Species (2021 to 2040 of 2667)

Link A Falconer from the book "OLD ENGLISH SPORTS. Pastimes and Customs BY P.H. DITCHFIELD on p87
Link Falconer by Old Master 8 3/4" x 5 1/4" ink and wash on paper unsigned 18th century
Link Falconer from Steri Castle in Sicily, Italy by Luigi Mendola
Link The Lady Falconer by Ferdinand Wagner the Younger (German, 1847–1927)
Link Who was Lord William Humphrey (1882-1963)?
Link Louis XIII as a young man with his friend the falconer Albert de Luynes
Link The Life and Times of Gerald Richards by Utah Falconers Association
Link The Falconer: Sport of Kings
Link A falconer from the Mexican army at the Bastille Day military parade on the Place de la Concorde in
Link The Russian Falconer in ca 1910 from Central Asia
Link Giuseppe Aureli (Italian 1858 - 1929) Watercolour, Falconer, Signed, 30 x 16
Link Falconry in Japan - seen on a fan with coral ring
Link 19th Century Japanese Ivory Falconer
Link A Rare Blue and Ochre-Glazed Pottery Falconer Tang Dynasty
Link Traditional life in steppe: equipment of kusbegi (Kazakhi falconer)
Link Falconer - picture by Vitaliy Evgenyevich Kotikov
Link Vladimr Zemblevskiy (4 photo) at National Festival in Astana, Kazakhstan
Link Statue "Le Fauconnier" by Fernand Hamar 1895 from France
Link Glove by Georges Lepape of 1943