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Artefacts By Species (2081 to 2100 of 2986)

Artefact Anglo-Indian Hood Anglo-Indian Hood based on an Indian hood but adding "braces" so that the hood can be opened + closed
Artefact Mirror case: chess game The mirror case depicting a chess game in the Louvre is the perfect quintessence of french courtly art around 1300
Artefact Handmade Tapestry from Kris Ulens Belgian falconer Mr. Kris Ulen is an owner of handmade tapestry of original size
Artefact Courtly Love Mirror Case Two young people, dressed in the fashion of the early 14th century, are riding slowly through a forest. The hawk and the dogs indicate they are setting off to hunt. With a bold gesture, the lover puts
Artefact Chinese Berkut hood Contemporary hood for Berkut eagle, used by the Uigur minority in Xianjiang, China
Artefact Symon Latham's Cottage Photograph c.1930 of house identified as Symon Latham's
Artefact Japanese falcon hood Japanese silk and paper hood
Artefact Chinese Hood Saker hood from Beijing, China. Contemporary
Artefact Chinese eagle jesses Jesses for Berkut eagle
Artefact Chinese eagle brace Wooden support for carrying Berkut eagles
Artefact Japanese swivel and leash Traditional Japanese swivel with leash made from silk
Artefact Japanese glove Contemporary Japanese glove
Artefact Japanese hawk food basket (Kuchi-kago) A basket made from woven rattan, the Kuchi-kago is traditionally used to hold hawk food and is attached to the falconer's belt by means of the toggle
Artefact Chinese Hawkers - 14 Hunting of Chinese Hawkers on hare
Artefact Chinese Hawkers - 16 Slide depicting hawking of chinese hawkers on hare
Artefact Falconry - Picture by Oleg Sergeevich Maslov Original Drawing
Artefact Arab Imagery on Early Umayyad Coins in Syria and Palestine: Evidence for Falconry Discussion on the images displayed on the coins
Artefact Hunting with Golden Eagles from T.E.Gordon's Roof of the World, 1876 Original Drawing
Artefact Kazakh coin at 100 tenge issued in 1995 Photograph of the coin
Artefact In the Middle Asia. Exit for falconry Original drawing