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By Species

Artefacts By Species (2321 to 2340 of 2473)

Link Literature on Medieval Hunting - CHASSE ET LITTÉRATURE CYNÉGÉTIQUE
Link Landscape with two falconers - Hokusai
Link Kyrghyz Falconer by Gehring 1898
Link Kuwaiti falconer 1962
Link Kazakhstan's eagle-hunters
Link Kazakh woman takes on eagle hunting
Link Ivory statue of Japanese falconer thanks to Huisheng Chen
Link Israhel van Meckenem The Falconer and Noble Lady, c. 1495/1503 Rosenwald Collection 1951.10.101
Link Is There Really a Maltese Falcon?
Link Indian falconers, about 1912
Link History of Falconry
Link Hunting birds of prey on www.mybirds.ru (in Russian)
Link Historical Perspectives on Falconry
Link Hawking. Painted by A.Cooper, steel engraving, hand coloured, 1835
Link Hawking in the Sindh (or Indus Valley)
Link Hawking in the olden time - King James I in hawking custom
Link Hawking in Taiwan
Link Hawking in Shanghai thanks to Mr.Cao, Yifan
Link Hawking in Algeria (Hawking in the Sahara)
Link Hawking from the Labors of the Months; Easby, North Yorkshire (Ripon)