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Book Falconry on Stamps Very interesting rich-illustarted article on post-stamps with falconry scenes from many countries over the world
Book Falcons on post-stamps Falcons on post-stamps - an article
Link Hawking in Algeria (Hawking in the Sahara)
Link History of Falconry
Artefact List of articles on falconry in "Country Life" magazine List of articles on falconry in "Country Life" magazine
Book Mediterranean Falconry as a Cross-Cultural Bridge: Chritsian-Muslim Hunting Encounters Article by Ewa Lukaszyk in the book "Birthday Beasts' Book" (Warsaw, 2011) on pp.161-170.
Book The Hawks of May The Hawks of May. Written by John M.McDougal. Photographed byt Salah Bettajeb. Additional photos by Alpha.