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Artefacts - 20th Century (81 to 100 of 1276)

Artefact Khoresm falconer with falcons Khoresm falconers with falcons
Artefact King Abdulla of KSA with a falcon King Abdulla of KSA with a falcon
Artefact Khan's falconry in Kazan, Tatarstan Khan's Falconry in Kazan, Tatarstan
Artefact Khan Hood Modern falconry hood from ancient design.
Artefact Kazakh Hunting Knife Hunting knife used by Mongolian Kazakh eaglehunters
Artefact Kazakhi berkutchi 1 by Alexander Nemakin Kazakhi falconer 1 by Alexander Nemakin
Artefact Kazakh Hood Maker Kazakh Hood Maker
Artefact Kazakh coin at 100 tenge issued in 1995 Photograph of the coin
Artefact John Whitmore eagle bell John Whitmore eagle bell
Artefact John Tchalenko - Images from the Endgame 3 photos of Qarapapakh falconers from the book by John Tchalenko "Images From the Endgame" Persia through a Russian Lens 1901-1914.
Artefact John McColl Bell John McColl Bell
Artefact John Moran Falcon Hood John Moran Falcon Hood
Artefact Jesses, Leash & Swivel Jesses, Leash & Swivel
Artefact Japanese swivel and leash Traditional Japanese swivel with leash made from silk
Artefact Japanese Falcon Hood Japanese Falcon Hood
Artefact Japanese falcon hood Japanese silk and paper hood
Artefact Japanese glove Contemporary Japanese glove
Artefact Japanese hawk food basket (Kuchi-kago) A basket made from woven rattan, the Kuchi-kago is traditionally used to hold hawk food and is attached to the falconer's belt by means of the toggle
Artefact Japanese doll-falconer of Edo period Japanese doll-falconer of Edo period
Artefact Indian miniature "Maharadja Falconer" Indian miniature "Maharadja Falconer"