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Artefact Workshop on Falconry History - Program Program in pdf of Workshop on Falconry History in Scandinavia and Northern Europe
Factsheet The FHT logo The FHT logo
Book Sokolinaya okhota (Falconry) The detailed review of history of falconry in Russia
Book The Eagle Hunters
Book Sokol na perchatke (Falcon on Glove) Good book on falconry and hawking in the ex-USSR
Book Sokol - ptitsa tsarskaya (Falcon- Tsar's bird) In the book of Professor O.Gundogdyev it's telling about falconry in the Turkmens, on the hunting birds of prey species, religious cults, connected with imaginations of the Turkmens and their ancestor
Book Sir Thomas Monson, Falconer to King James 1 History of rediscovery of the portrait ofSir Thomas Monson - well-known British falconer
Book Short Introduction to Korean Falconry Article by Chang-Yong Choi "Short Introductuion to Korean Falconry"
Link Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan al Nahyan Falconry Heritage Wing
Link Russian Imperial Society of Hunting and Dog-breeding
Link Russian Falconry Association
Artefact Winter hunt on Fox by Sergei Kazantsev Winter hunt on fox by Sergei Kazantsev
Book Secrets of skills. Falconry. Biology of birds of prey, training and rearing, diseases and prophylaxi Data on falconry are represented. Conditions of keeping, methods of feeding and preparation to hunting season of Gyrfalcons, Saker Falcons, Peregrine Falcons, hawks and other birds of prey are describ
Artefact Modern falconers of Uzbekistan Thanks to web-site MyBirds.ru
Artefact With a Bird on a Hand - exhibition at Far-Eastern University An exhibition devoted to the International Birds
Artefact Warrior of Saki tribe with hunting bird A warrior of Saki tribe with a hunting bird of prey
Artefact Video-clip of Afghani falconers Video-clip of Afghani falconers
Artefact Visit Paleis Het Loo, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands Visit Paleis Het Loo, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands Saturday, June 22nd, 2013. IAF Council of Delegates Meetings
Artefact Traditional Hungarian Falcon Hood Traditional Hungarian Falcon Hood
Artefact The International Conference for Falconry at the 2nd International Festival of Falconry. 15-17 Dec. The International Conference for Falconry at the 2nd International Festival of Falconry. 15-17 Dec. 2011, Al Ain, UAE. In English and Arabic. Abstracts of session on Falconry Heritage, published in