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By Time

Artefacts - 21st Century (41 to 60 of 585)

Artefact Medals anb badges on Polish falconry Medals and badges on Polish falconry
Artefact Mongolian Berkut Jesses Festival jesses for an eagle
Artefact Marina Hlebnikova with falcon Well-known Russian singer Marina Khelbnikova in photosession with falcon in Kolomenskoe village near Moscow
Artefact Lenders Eagle Hood Lenders Eagle Hood
Artefact Kyrgyz Eagle Hood, "Tomaga" Kyrgyz Eagle Hood, "Tomaga"
Artefact Kyrgyzstan Berkut Jesses Kyrgyzstan Berkut Jesses
Artefact Khan's falconry in Kazan, Tatarstan Khan's Falconry in Kazan, Tatarstan
Artefact Kazakh Hunting Knife Hunting knife used by Mongolian Kazakh eaglehunters
Artefact Kazakh Hood Maker Kazakh Hood Maker
Artefact Japanese Falcon Hood Japanese Falcon Hood
Artefact Interview of Lawrence Formosa Interview of Lawrence Formosa
Artefact Hunting in Kazakhstan by Esengali Sadyrbaev Hunting in Kazakhstan by Esengali Sadyrbaev
Artefact Holland - Lenders Goshawk Hood Holland - Lenders Goshawk Hood
Artefact Hungarian Eagle Hood Hungarian Eagle Hood
Artefact Goshawk on arm Goshawk on arm
Artefact Guan Mao Hood Falcon wearing a Chinese hood
Artefact Freshly trapped peregrine Freshly trapped peregrine
Artefact Food Scoop or "Zhem Ayak" Food Scoop or "Zhem Ayak"
Artefact Frackowiak Bernard "Le Fauconnier" Picture by Bernard Frackowiak (born in 1945) "Le Fauconnier/The Falconer"
Artefact Falkinn Bistro in Reykjavik, Iceland Falkinn Bistro in Reykjavik, Iceland