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JAMES IV, King of Scotland (1473-1513)

JAMES IV, King of Scotland (1473-1513)

Date Created: 04 October 2017

Portrait of James IV, King of Scotland

James IV, King of Scotland (1473-1513)

JAMES IV, King of Scotland, eldest son of James III, was born on the 17th of March 1473. He was nominally the leader of the rebels who defeated the troops of James III at the Sauchieburn in June 1488, and became king when his father was killed. As he adopted an entirely different policy with the nobles from that of his father, and, moreover, showed great affability towards the lower class of his subjects, among whom he delighted to wander incognito, few if any of the kings of Scotland have won such general popularity, or passed a reign so untroubled by intestine strife.

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