A hare hunt with falconers and dogs by Virgis Solis
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Intangible Cultural Heritage

Inscribed in 2021 (16.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - UNESCO Convention

Falconry is the traditional art and practice of training and flying falcons (and sometimes eagles, hawks, buzzards and other birds of prey). It has been practised for over 4000 years. The practice of falconry in early and medieval periods of history is documented in many parts of the world. Originally a means of obtaining food, falconry has acquired other values over time and has been integrated into communities as a social and recreational practice and as a way of connecting with nature. Today, falconry is practised by people of all ages in many countries. As an important cultural symbol in many of those countries, it is transmitted from generation to generation through a variety of means, including through mentoring, within families or in training clubs. The modern practice of falconry focuses on safeguarding falcons, quarry and habitats, as well as the practice itself. And while falconers come from different backgrounds, they share universal values, traditions and practices, including the methods of breeding, training and caring for birds, the equipment used and the bonds between the falconer and the bird. The falconry community includes supporting entities such as falcon hospitals, breeding centres, conservation agencies and traditional equipment makers.

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ICH Inventory - Austria
  Austria 48643.pdf

ICH Inventory - Belgium
  Belgium 48644.pdf

ICH Inventory - Croatia
  Croatia 48646.pdf

ICH Inventory - Czechia
  Czechia 48647.pdf

ICH Inventory - France
  France 48648-FR.pdf

ICH Inventory - Germany
  Germany 48649.pdf

ICH Inventory - Hungary
  Hungary 48650.pdf

ICH Inventory - Ireland
  Ireland 48652-EN.pdf

ICH Inventory - Italy
  Italy 48653.pdf

ICH Inventory - Kazakhstan
  Kazakhstan 48657.pdf

ICH Inventory - Kyrghyzstan
  Kyrgyzstan 48659.pdf

ICH Inventory - Mongolia
  Mongolia 48660.pdf

ICH Inventory - Morocco
  Morocco 48661-FR.pdf

ICH Inventory - Netherlands
  Netherlands 48663.pdf

ICH Inventory - Pakistan
  Pakistan 48664.pdf

ICH Inventory - Poland
  Poland 48665.pdf

ICH Inventory - Portugal
  50133 Portugal.pdf

ICH Inventory - Qatar
  Qatar 48668.pdf

ICH Inventory - Republic of Korea
  Rep of Korea 49940.pdf

ICH Inventory - Saudi Arabia
  Saudi Arabia 48669.pdf

ICH Inventory - Scotland
  ICH Scotland25April2023.docx

ICH Inventory - Slovakia
  Slovakia 48670.pdf

ICH Inventory - Spain
  Spain 49190.pdf

ICH Inventory - Syrian Arabic Republic
  Syrian Arabic Republic 48674.pdf

ICH Inventory - UAE
  UAE 48642.pdf

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The FHT aims to establish a portal for the world's falconers and other interested parties to access aspects of the sport's rich heritage by linking existing physical archives, including international private and public collections, through the medium of an electronic archive. This archive features falconry furniture, works of art, books, correspondence from leading falconers and film and photographic material for the education and interest of falconer and scholar alike. We hope that, whatever your background or interest in our sport, you may find something of value through our archive to deepen your knowledge, understanding and passion for falconry and will help us, through your support, to preserve this precious cultural heritage for future generations.

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