Hand coloured quatint "Hawking - the departure" after Turner

Date Created: 01 November 2013

Author: Francis Calcraft Turner (1782 or 1795-1846)

Source: The Internet

Owner: Unknown

Location: UK, Germany

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Hand coloured aquatint "Hawking - the Departure" after Turner.

Hand coloured aquatint
England, around 1839
After a painting by Francis Calcraft Turner (1795-1846) - English landscape painter
Titled ‚Hawking. The departure‘
Numbered ‚Plate 1‘
Overall dimensions: 53,3 x 64,4 cm
Good condition

This rather large aquatint is the first of a series of four depicting different scenes of falconry as there are‚The departure‘, ‘The Rendez-Vous‘, ‘The Fatal Stop‘ and‚Disgorging‘.‚The departure‘shows two gentleman and a lady on horseback who have just left the estate behind them and started their hunting trip. A servant standing in the gate behind them lobs his head in a referential gesture. The first hawk waiting for his employment sits quietly on the lady’s arm, his head covered with a cap. More hawks can be seen sitting on a hoop that is carried in front of the riders by a falconer. A lively, spotted dog eagerly jumps around the group.
The aquatint is in good condition but stained in the areas around the plate, the frame shows traces of wear. The complete inscription reads „HAWKING. THE DEPARTURE. To His Grace William Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk, Duke of S. Albans, Hereditary Grand Falconer of England. This plate is with Permission, most respectfully dedicated, by His Grace’s obedient Servant I. W. LAIRD. London, Published 1839, by I. W. Laird, 1. Leadenhall St.“ The overall dimensions including the frame are 53,3 x 64,4 cm, the plate’s size is 40,8 x 52,3 cm.F. C. Turner (1795-1846)Turner is a mainly in England very popular artist of the early 19th century. He is known for his animal and landscape paintings that show hunting or sporting scenes.

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