Ketabe baznameh Persia 12th century

Date Created: 27 March 2008

Source: Iran

Owner: Iran

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The book starts with the sentence: "In the name of god the beneficent the merciful" (Bes mellahe'rahmân eraheem.) But the shape of writing of this sentence reveals its difference with the body of the text, as it has written not in a good handwrote by a writer. Beside this sentence it has written: Ketabe baznameh (means book of falconry birds). As the beginning page or pages are omitted the book begins in a mid of a sentence: .az ishan peyda kard maaden va nabaat va heyvan, pas rouhe rouhany dar ashbahe ensany moteallegh kardeh.. The literature could merit as high valued, as literally styles are vastly used in introduction and few first page. The introduction includes some religious illusions that are pertaining to the time of re-inscription of the book in 17 A.D. century (11 GAH century). After introduction it has written: "So be aware that some of my benevolent friends who were masters in falconry and the birds of prey profession, and knowledgeable in its knowledge, said me that you suffered and labored too much in birds of prey and hunting. You should hand down a memorial for us, as you are learned very well in the science of the birds of prey. Compile and take a book for this people. you have met the masters since the age of ten, and you have read the books of the lords of this science.. Then, I would compile what I had heard, read and trialed from their books, all what is in accordance to the Natural Science. " "Aftewards, I read in a book that brought from Mavaraonnahr (Transoxania) and also in a book of Samanyian (a rang of Iranian Kings, reigned in north east and parts of central Iran and some parts of today CIS, between 874 to 999 A.D.) in Khalätarän city, written by Jamaloddin Mohammade Ganjeh, in Rabiolavval 569 (Oct 1173), and also a book of Romance Caesar written by kasta saqtoufar/seqtoufer, and of both kings of India and Turkey in one book written in Damashgh (Capital of Syria) in Jamadiolavval 571 (Nov 1175), and in a book of Ezoddine Saghouny of Rajab 578 (Oct 1182), and the book of Etrigh the Arab Master, written in Eskandaryiieh, (a city of Egypt), and the book of Abolghaseme ketaby written in Rabiol avval 590 (Feb 1194), and the book of Anoushirvane Adel (A king of Iran, 531 to 579 A.D.) in Baalbak (a city of Lebonan) and the book of Emadin Esfehany written in Zeghadeh 592 (Sep 1196), and of recent books , the book of Ali Kamteh/Kameteh Khorasaniy in Halab (a city of Syria), and of Badroddine Balkhy in Moharram580 (April 1184) and the book named Mokhtas alrazi be arzan alroum from Sharafoddin Il Arsalane Gharabakiy, of Ramadan591, ..(Aug 1195)".. The style of writing is very fluency and easy to understand. Clerical or orthographical errors are few. It's hand writing is the beautiful Nastaaligh, a method of later handwriting that is not adapted with the contents of the book, as to it has mentioned by bibliographer of this version on the cover note, the book belongs to 11 AH (Hedjri Ghamari), i.e. 17 century. It is 174 pages (86 to 87 odd pages) and is divided to 154 chapters (bäbs). 1st chapter (bäb) is titled: In about how raptors discovered and entered into falconry 2nd to 16th chapters: About identification of different kinds of raptors (shekareh). 17th bäb: About different constitution of humors in various falconry birds (shekareh) 19th bäb: In complimentary of the falconry birds of pray (shekareh) 20th bäb: By which bird should go hunting 21st bäb: Measuring the food 22nd bäb: In learning the falconry birds (shekareh's) and calling off 23rd bäb: How to trick shekareh (falconry bird) to be more greedy to the hunt 24th bäb: In about the tricks with shekareh (falconry bird) that returns from the hunt 25th bäb: In about treading with the indolent shekareh (falconry bird) 26th bäb: In tricks with the bad habit shekareh (falconry bird) 27th bäb: To verify the treachery of shekareh 28th bäb: To verify the escape (raking away) of the shekareh 29th bäb: To be known of and trialing the shekareh 30th bäb: To verify the health of shekareh 31st bäb: To verify the illness of the shekareh 32nd bäb: To recognize causes (diseases) of the shekareh 33rd bäb: To verify the cry (the voic) of the shekareh 34th bäb: To be known of the mute of the shekareh 36th bäb: In about the shekareh growing fat 37th bäb: In about the shekareh growing thin 38th bäb: to get the shekareh molted 39th bäb: In about place of moulting 40th bäb: Expediency to finish moulting early 41st bäb: Managing the shekareh after moulting 42nd bäb: To recognize the headache of shekareh 43rd bäb: To recognize phlegmatic headache of shekareh 44th bäb: To recognize phlegmatic or flatulent headache of shekareh 45th bäb: In shekareh's pains from dry air humor 46th bäb: In shekareh's pain from aspiration Up to 134th bäb: It continues to explain several treading methods vs. different diseases 135th bäb: To identify the best hunting dogs 136th bäb: In colors of the dogs 137th bäb: To recognize the female dog 138th bäb: To grow fat the dog 139th bäb: In about the disease of whitening the eye 140th bäb: In about the dogs getting mad 141st bäb: In about the dogs wolfish madness of the dog This is the end of the book, as the ending pages are fallen. The chapters as continue the index at the beginning of the book are subjecting the dog and its diseases up to 151th bäb, and also three chapters 152 & 153are about the weasel and its diseases. The title of 154th bäb could not be recognized, but it seems to be about a kind of weasel.

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