Flying a kite at the end of the Ice Age: the possible significance of raptor remains from protoand e

Author: Dr Keith Dobney

Year of Publication: 2002

Source: ARCHAEOZOOLOGY OF THE NEAR EAST V Proceedings of the fifth international symposium on the archaeozoo

Publisher: Yarmouk University - ARC-Publicaties 62

Place of Publication: Groningen, The Netherlands

Volume: 62

Pages: 74-84

Language: English

ISBN: 90 – 77170 – 01– 4

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Full title of the article:

Flying a kite at the end of the Ice Age: the possible significance of raptor remains from proto and early Neolithic sites in the Middle East


A re-interpretation of the animal bones from numerous sites in the Near and Middle East may push the evidence for the antiquity
of falconry deep into prehistory, perhaps to the end of the Pleistocene. In this paper, it is argued that the taming and
possible training of birds of prey may even have been one of the first steps for humans on the road to the domestication of


Une réinterpretation d’ossements animaux de plusieurs sites du Proche et du Moyen-Orient permet d’appuyer l’ancienneté
de la fauconnerie loin dans la préhistoire, peut-être depuis la fin du Pléistocène. Dans cet article, on argumente le fait que
l’apprivoisement et éventuellement le dressage d’oiseaux de proie aurait même pu constituer pour l’homme les premières
étapes sur la voie de la domestication animale.
Key Words: Birds of prey, Falconry, Hunting, Domestication
Mots Clés: Oiseaux de proie, Fauconnerie, Chasse, Domestication

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