Eagle on Saiga by Esengali Sadirbayev
Falcon - National Bird of Mongolia (2014)

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There are a great many archives, libraries, museums and other institutions around the world which, as part of their own collections, hold items relevant to falconry's social, cultural and practical history. Such institutions continue to play a vital role in preservation of this history, though we recognise that it is not possible for all artefacts within a collection to be fully accessible at all times. Your institution may store items which, though not necessarily part of a main exhibit for the wider public, are of immense significance to falconers. Alternately, you may hold items of falconry furniture or works of art which many falconers would be unable to access for geographical reasons.

Our electronic archive aims to allow falconers, academics and others the widest possible access to our shared global heritage without having to travel or make special arrangements to examine certain items. We are keen to forge links between physical archives through a common thread of falconry and hope that you might consider permitting us to use images of your material in our archive. You might wish to stipulate that copyright remains with your collection and that we act as a link to you for interested parties. Alternately, you may be interested in reaching an agreement whereby images of your material are available from our site for a charge which benefits you, the FHT or both parties. You may, as a falconry club librarian, hold duplicate items which would be welcome additions to our expanding physical archive, or consider loaning items for display.

We very much hope that we can form reciprocal agreements with institutions around the world which share our goals of protecting important items of the fabric of history, making our passion for our particular sport one that we can ultimately share with the wider world. Please contact us to discuss ways in which we can work together.

About Us

The FHT aims to establish a portal for the world's falconers and other interested parties to access aspects of the sport's rich heritage by linking existing physical archives, including international private and public collections, through the medium of an electronic archive. This archive will feature falconry furniture, works of art, books, correspondence from leading falconers and film and photographic material for the education and interest of falconer and scholar alike. We hope that, whatever your background or interest in our sport, you may find something of value through our archive to deepen your knowledge, understanding and passion for falconry and will help us, through your support, to preserve this precious cultural heritage for future generations.

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