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Artefact Hunting with Golden Eagles from T.E.Gordon's Roof of the World, 1876 Original Drawing
Book Falconry and cult of birds of prey in Middle Asia Falconry and cult of birds of prey in Middle Asia (ritual and practical aspects)
Book Falconry in nations of the Middle Asia and Kazakhstan in XIX-XX centuries Very good review of practical aspects of falconry with all hunting birds of prey in Central Asia (within the the borders of the former Soviet Union) in XIX-XXth centuries.
Artefact Post-stamps on Peregrine Falcon There is a good collection of post-stamps on the Peregrine Falcon
Book Secrets of skills. Falconry. Biology of birds of prey, training and rearing, diseases and prophylaxi Data on falconry are represented. Conditions of keeping, methods of feeding and preparation to hunting season of Gyrfalcons, Saker Falcons, Peregrine Falcons, hawks and other birds of prey are describ
Link The Central Asian Falconry Project
Book The Great Moghuls by Bamber Gascoigne The Great Moghuls by Bamber Gascoigne
Book V. M.Fedorov. Falconry in practice of people of Tajikistan (In Russian) 2014 V.M.Fedorov Falconry in practic eof people of Tajikistan (in Russian)

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