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Central Asian falconers impress in Europe

Author: Irina Bairamukova

Year of Publication: 2007

Source: The Times of Central Asia

Publisher: www.timesca.com

Place of Publication: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Volume: 9

Issue: 73 (465), September 14, 2007

Pages: 1, 4

Language: English

BISHKEK (TCA) - Falconry has always been considered a regal and noble pursuit, and falcons have been thought of as sacred. A falcon soaring high in the sky is considered a sun god and the harbinger of good news. Today good news has come via an English country estate - namely Englefield near Reading, where the first International Falconry Festival took place this summer. Central Asia was represented by hunters from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. According to Almazbek Akunov, the Kyrgyz falconer, "they opened a window on Europe." Furthermore, they have all been invited to France to take part in a meeting of the International Federation of Falconry in November 2007.

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