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Berkutchi by Lidiya Konstantinovna Poltoratskaya

Date Created: 08 October 2013

Illustration 11. Bektuchis (hunters with the Golden Eagles). Types of Western Siberia. Photo by Lidiya Konstantinovna Poltoratskaya. 1876. Soucre: Scientific Archive of IIMK RAN (Institute of History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Photo department. N Q 171/39. Electronic library "Russia and Kazakhstan: historical experience and modern status of intercultural and interethnical interrealtions (XVI-XXI centuries)". http://www.archeo.ru/

Author: Lidiya Konstantinovna Poltoratskaya

Source: The Internet

Owner: Electronic library

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Link to Website: http://kz.ethnology.ru/kz_lib/kz_pict/kzhistory_pict.htm?11

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Photo by L.K.Poltoratskaya

Photo by L.K.Poltoratskaya