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FHT 017-018

Date Created: 31 October 2013

Training falcons to help reduce flying accidents experiments at R.A.F. Station in Shropshire 23.07.1947.

Early this year a joint Committee of the Air Ministry, Ministry of Supply and Ministry of Civil Aviation was formed to discuss means to reduce the accidents caused by birds to aircraft at airfields.. Last year the cost of damage to R.A.F. machines was £20,000. - In 1945 the figure was £120,000. A sum of money was provided from R.A.F.  funds to conduct experiments with falcons. The aid of Mr. Ronald Stevens, of Shropshire - a noted falconer was enlisted, and his peregrine falcons are being training - experimentally at the R.A.F. Station Shawbury, Shropshire. The idea is that the presence of falcons acts as a deterrent to other birds - they just keep away... On the photo: Aircraftman Terence O'Reilly with one of the hooded falcons at  Shawbury, Shropshire...

With many thanks to BFC and Tony James.

Author: Unknown

Source: Private Collection

Owner: Unknown

Location: UK

FHT 017

FHT 017