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Goldie escapes in London

Goldie Escapes in low resolution

Date Created: 03 July 2008

Photograph, Golden Eagle escapes in London Gerald Summers tries to attract Golden Eagle "Goldie" who escaped from his cage in London Zoo Regents Park 1965. On the 28th February 1965 the Nation was captivated by daily news of the eagles freedom which lasted for 12 days. A massive effort was to recapture him in front of the worlds media using equipment borrowed from the Navy and the Civil Defence. Goldie made excursions into the surrounding areas of Camden Town, Tottenham Court Road and Euston. Whilst free he killed and ate a duck in the garden of the American Ambassador, he also attacked two terriers in the park, but was driven off by their owner. This photograph shows British falconer Gerald Summers with his trained female golden eagle trying to attempt to attract "Goldie's" attention. He was finally caught by his keepers on the 11th. March by being lured down to a dead rabbit and was returned to his enclosure and his mate, Regina. Goldie escaped once again in December 1965 but was only on the loose for four days.

Author: Alan Gates

Source: Alan Gates, Gerald Summers

Owner: Alan Gates

Location: London, England, UK

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