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Guan Mao Hood

Guan Mao hood in low resolution

Date Created: 01 July 2008

Falcon wearing a Chinese hood. The falcon is a Saker falcon, only the female (falcon) is called a "TuHu" which means "Hare Tiger". She is wearing a Guan Mao hood which translates to "Official hat". This has the meaning of the Hood being used only by the Emperor and his Dukes and officials for their TuHu's. A few Guan Mao's have been made of recent times by one maker in China, south of Beijing. Mr. Qiao is a master hood maker but is finding that his sight is no longer good enough to continue.

Author: Alan Gates

Source: Alan Gates

Owner: Alan Gates

Location: North China, south of Beijing

Click link to to download the file: Guan Mao hood (353.45 KB)