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Artefacts - Falcon (1701 to 1720 of 1983)

Book Woodward, Ann; Hunter, John; Ixer, Rob; Roe, Fiona; Potts, Philip J.; Webb, Peter C.; Watson, John S The authors review the significance of bracers by undertaking a detailed examination of their morphology,fragmentation, manufacture and wear. The results have a number of implications regarding their
Link "The Falconer" by Seth Armstrong, 2015. Oil on paper on wood
Link Bowl Depicting a Falconer and Four Pairs of Seated Figures, 12th-13th century. Fritware, covered wit
Book The Diary of Master William Silence by Right Hon. D.H.Madden, 1897. The Diary of Master William Silence. A Study of Shakespare & of Elizabethan Sport by Right Hon. D.H.Madden, 1897.
Link "The Falconer" Polish winged hussar
Link A falconer, standing half length, in a feathered hat - (circle of) Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn (1606
Link Portrait of Geertruyt, Margaret and Anna Delft, the daughters of the artist, Jacob Willemsz. Delff (
Link Michiel de Ruyter and his family, Juriaen Jacobsz, 1662
Link Chess figure by Anonimous sculpture, ca 1550
Link Lid of a mirror box with chess man and woman by Anonymous Sculptor, 1350
Link The Falconer (1647) by Ferdinand Bol (24 June 1616 – 24 August 1680) - Dutch artist, etcher, and d
Link Portrait of Khan Alam, Jahangir's Ambassador to Persia [with a falcon]
Link UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon holds a falcon
Link Ban Soon-Taek with Director of Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Dr Margit Gabriele Muller
Link Sir Thomas Coningsby George Gower (c.1540–1596) (attributed to) at National Portrait Gallery, Lond
Link George Blackall-Simonds (1843–1929) Oswald Hornby Joseph Birley (1880–1952) Reading Museum & Tow
Link A Falcon on a Gloved Hand, unknown artist, York Museums Trust
Link Unknown woman, formerly known as Margaret Tudor French School or Flemish School National Portrait Ga
Book Feasting, Fowling and Feathers: A History of the Exploitation of Wild Birds (Poyser Monographs) Feasting, Fowling and Feathers: A History of the Exploitation of Wild Birds (Poyser Monographs) by Michael Shrubb
Link Ivory statue of a falconer, Japanese, Meiji period, late 19th century