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By Species

Artefacts By Species (1821 to 1840 of 2858)

Artefact Mongolia - Falconers Food Pouch Kazakh Mongolian Eaglehunters food pouch
Artefact Mongolia-Kazakh Berkut Hood Berkut working Hood
Artefact Mongolian Berkut Jesses Festival jesses for an eagle
Artefact Lenders Eagle Hood Lenders Eagle Hood
Artefact Kyrgyzstan Berkut Jesses Kyrgyzstan Berkut Jesses
Artefact Japanese Falcon Hood Japanese Falcon Hood
Artefact Holland - Lenders Goshawk Hood Holland - Lenders Goshawk Hood
Artefact Hungarian Eagle Hood Hungarian Eagle Hood
Artefact Czech Eagle Hood Czech Eagle Hood
Artefact Chinese Goshawk Tail-bell Chinese Goshawk Tail-bell
Artefact Photograph Chinese Hawk Scale Photograph Chinese Hawk scale
Artefact Photograph Chinese Goshawk Photograph Chinese Goshawk
Artefact Khan Hood Modern falconry hood from ancient design.
Artefact Chinese Tail Bell Chinese Tail Bell
Artefact Chinese Hawk Swivels Chinese Hawk Swivels
Artefact Prized Berkut Prized Berkut
Artefact Kyrgyz Eagle Hood, "Tomaga" Kyrgyz Eagle Hood, "Tomaga"
Artefact Kazakh Hood Maker Kazakh Hood Maker
Artefact Food Scoop or "Zhem Ayak" Food Scoop or "Zhem Ayak"
Artefact Mongolian Kazakh Horse Mongolian Kazakh Horse