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By Species

Artefacts By Species (1981 to 2000 of 2986)

Artefact Ricardo Velarde Bells Ricardo Velarde Bells
Artefact Otto Kals bells Otto Kals Bells
Artefact Nineteenth Century Falconry Swivel Nineteenth Century Falconry Swivel
Artefact John Whitmore eagle bell John Whitmore eagle bell
Artefact John McColl Bell John McColl Bell
Artefact John Moran Falcon Hood John Moran Falcon Hood
Artefact Falconry Swivels Falconry Swivels
Artefact Eric Tabb Eagle Hood Eric Tabb Eagle Hood
Artefact Early Modern Falconry bell Early Modern Falconry bell
Artefact Mongolian Kazakh hunting knife and belt Mongolian Kazakh hunting knife and belt
Artefact Mongolian Kazakh Festival Berkut Hood Mongolian Kazakh Festival Berkut Hood
Artefact Kazakh Hunting Knife Hunting knife used by Mongolian Kazakh eaglehunters
Artefact English Buckskin falconry glove English Buckskin falconry glove
Artefact Traditional Hungarian Falcon Hood Traditional Hungarian Falcon Hood
Artefact Shrike Hood from China Shrike Hood from China
Artefact Mongolia - Falconers Food Pouch Kazakh Mongolian Eaglehunters food pouch
Artefact Mongolia-Kazakh Berkut Hood Berkut working Hood
Artefact Mongolian Berkut Jesses Festival jesses for an eagle
Artefact Lenders Eagle Hood Lenders Eagle Hood
Artefact Kyrgyzstan Berkut Jesses Kyrgyzstan Berkut Jesses