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Artefacts By Species (2041 to 2060 of 2931)

Artefact Chinese eagle brace Wooden support for carrying Berkut eagles
Artefact Japanese swivel and leash Traditional Japanese swivel with leash made from silk
Artefact Japanese glove Contemporary Japanese glove
Artefact Japanese hawk food basket (Kuchi-kago) A basket made from woven rattan, the Kuchi-kago is traditionally used to hold hawk food and is attached to the falconer's belt by means of the toggle
Artefact Chinese Hawkers - 14 Hunting of Chinese Hawkers on hare
Artefact Chinese Hawkers - 16 Slide depicting hawking of chinese hawkers on hare
Artefact Falconry - Picture by Oleg Sergeevich Maslov Original Drawing
Artefact Arab Imagery on Early Umayyad Coins in Syria and Palestine: Evidence for Falconry Discussion on the images displayed on the coins
Artefact Hunting with Golden Eagles from T.E.Gordon's Roof of the World, 1876 Original Drawing
Artefact Kazakh coin at 100 tenge issued in 1995 Photograph of the coin
Artefact In the Middle Asia. Exit for falconry Original drawing
Artefact In steppe. The rest of Kirghizes after hunt Original Drawing
Artefact Garment called man's corset Original Drawing
Artefact Wooden sculpture of man and woman falconers Colour Photograph
Artefact Women conversing, man with bird, 12th century Original Drawing
Artefact Tunic line with ermine Original Artwork
Artefact With a Bird on a Hand - exhibition at Far-Eastern University An exhibition devoted to the International Birds
Artefact Hawking at the Great Wall By Arthur Adams in "The Zoologist", 1861, edited by Jakob E. Borch
Artefact French Falconer's ring, 16th century Photograph of the Ring
Artefact Animal cosmos with Golden Eagle. Everland zoological garden in South Korea Colour Photograph