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Artefacts By Species (2621 to 2640 of 2767)

Link Historical Perspectives on Falconry
Link Hawking. Painted by A.Cooper, steel engraving, hand coloured, 1835
Link Hawking in the Sindh (or Indus Valley)
Link Hawking in the olden time - King James I in hawking custom
Link Hawking in Taiwan
Link Hawking in Shanghai thanks to Mr.Cao, Yifan
Link Hawking in Algeria (Hawking in the Sahara)
Link Hawking from the Labors of the Months; Easby, North Yorkshire (Ripon)
Link Hawk Strikes a Swan from Nanjing Museum, China
Link Hawk Perched on Gauntlet of a Falconer, Ambrotype, British, 1855
Link Hand-painted prints by Eric Hotz - hawking
Link Grand Falconer of France
Link Grand Falconer Heraldry in France
Link Golden Eagle Hunting in Kazakhstan
Link Georgian Falconer - photo by John Kennan
Link George Edward Lodge Trust
Link French medieval costumes old illustration
Link Foundation
Link Figure of Falconer of Tang dynasty, China
Link Falconry, a Southern African Heritage in the Making by Dr.A.P.F.Lombard