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With a Bird on a Hand - exhibition at Far-Eastern University

Date Created: 05 October 2006

FENU Museum of Zoology opens an exhibition devoted to the International Birds' Day on April 1, 2004, at 15:00. The birds' day has been traditionally celebrated in April since 1894 in Russia. Spring is related to the active seasonal migration of birds. The exhibition called "With a bird on a hand" will familiarize spectators with falconry. Falconry was anciently practiced in India, China, Europe, Middle East as well as in Russia. Hunting with predatory birds is an exciting sport which few people can go in for. The spectators will familiarize themselves with the history and peculiarities of falconry equipment, see recognized participants of hawking: a peregrine, a golden eagle, a hawk, etc. For the first time the exhibition will include a meeting with Mr. Vladimir N. Kurinny, an ornithologist and the only specialist in falconry in the south of the Russian Far East as well as with his falcon-gentle. The exhibition will extend until June 30, 2004.

Owner: Far Eastern National University

Location: Vladivostok, Russia

Link to Website: http://www.fenu.ru/news/shownews.phtml?a=show&id=59