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Artefact Agne Atmacacipe New Sparrowhawkers: instruction on sparrowhawking for apprentices
Artefact Atmacas ora - Sparrowhawk time Atmacas ora - Sparrowhawk time
Artefact Falconry Seminar in Batumi in 1987 Programme of the 1st All-Union seminar "Modern Problems of Conservation and the Use of Birds of Prey" (Batumi, 10-13 October 1987)
Link Hawking in Shanghai thanks to Mr.Cao, Yifan
Link Ivory statue of Japanese falconer thanks to Huisheng Chen
Link Longwing in Taiwan
Artefact Movie "Research on Wildlife of Mongolia" Movie "Research on Wildlife on Mongolia", 2013, 60 min.
Link National Conference on Japanese Falconry
Artefact Soviet feature film "A Winged Gift" 1957 Soviet feature film "Winged Gift" 1957
Link The Central Asian Falconry Project