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FHT Grants in the year 2011

Date: 14 September 2011

1) Tomislav Cvar (Croatia) £2000 – revealing all artefacts on the history of falconry in Croatia and in the case of opportunity in neighbouring ex-Yugoslavian countries too. We consider this region as very interesting due to complicate history and scarcity of original material from the ex-Yugoslavian (all Balkanian) countries;

2) Basu Dev Upadhyay (Nepal) £900 – revealing all artefacts on history of Falconry in the main Academic library and Central Archive of Nepal;  we know very little on history of falconry in this country. At the same time it is known that falconry was practised in the royal court of Nepal.

3) Turan BASRI (Turkey) £1000 – establishment of special web-site on falconry (hawking) in Turkey. Money will go to the web-designing company directly.