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Artefacts - 20th Century (121 to 140 of 1276)

Artefact Group of hunters-berkutchis in Kazakhstan A group of hunters-berkutchis in Kazakhstan
Artefact Guan Mao Hood Falcon wearing a Chinese hood
Artefact Glove by either Mr Sandell Glover Glove either by Mr Sandell Glover &* Gaiter Maker Amsbury or Covant & Co 23 Picadilly London
Artefact Gendarmes in Turkestan with Golden Eagle Gendarmes in Turkestan probably with Golden Eagle
Artefact Glove by Colin Sleep Glove by Colin Sleep
Artefact Food Scoop or "Zhem Ayak" Food Scoop or "Zhem Ayak"
Artefact Frackowiak Bernard "Le Fauconnier" Picture by Bernard Frackowiak (born in 1945) "Le Fauconnier/The Falconer"
Artefact FHT 058-059 FHT 058-059
Artefact FHT 060-061 FHT 060-061
Artefact Film on falconry in Italy in 1941 Film on falconry in Italy in 1941. The link is taken from Facebook FalconryinArt where it was found and posted by Roberto de Santis
Artefact FHT 053-054 FHt 053-054
Artefact FHT 055-056 FHT 055-056
Artefact FHT 051-052 FHT 051-052
Artefact FHT 049-050 FHT 049-050
Artefact FHT 047-048 FHT 047-048
Artefact FHT 045-046 FHT 045-046
Artefact FHT 033 - 034 FHT 033 - 034
Artefact FHT 035-036 FHT 035-036
Artefact FHT 037-038 FHT 037-038
Artefact FHT 039-040 FHT 039-040