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Book by Dr Ildar Enaleev

"Modern Falconry in Russia" by Dr Ildar Enaleev in Russian

Author: Dr Ildar Enaleev

Year of Publication: 2014

Pages: 128

Language: Russian

ISBN: 978-5-9905146-2-1

Modern Falconry in Russia.

The first chapters of the book deal with the stages of revival of falconry in the USSR and modern Russia. The main part of the book is devoted to a detailed description of the ecology of birds of prey, peculiarities of their maintenance in captivity and preparation for falconry. The book tells in detail about the falconry ammunition that has not changed for centuries. It describes the most common diseases of birds of prey.

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Chapter 1. Modern falconry in Russia: history and modern problems. 5.

Chapter 2. Falconers' meertings on hunting base "Barsyuchok" under the aegis of St triphon Foundation.  10.

Chapter 3. Hunting birds of prey (ecology and application in falconry) Goshawk. 24.

Sparrowhawk. 58.

Peregrine. 64.

Saker. 84.

Gyrfalcon. 104.

Kestrel. 110.

Imperial Eagle. 118.