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Frans Floris (1517-1570) Der Falkennjäger [The falconer] 1888

Frans Floris (1517-1570) Der Falkenjäger [The falconer] 1888 colour

Date Created: 06 May 2015

Original etching by William Unger after a painting by Frans Floris (1517-1570) in the Galerie zu Braunschweig. Printed by F.A. Brockhaus, Leipzig, on wove paper.




Colour picture is on the web-site:


Falkner mit Habicht (1588)

Frans Floris (1518-1570)

Herzog Anton Ullrich-Museum Braunschweig

Author: Frans Floris

Source: The Internet

Owner: Gallery of Braunschweig - Galerie zu Braunschweig

Location: Gallery of Braunschweig, Germany

Link to Website: https://www.idburyprints.com/index.php?page=artist_promo_view.php&pid=7577&page1=&aid=1408&ar_name=

Frans Floris (1517-1570) Der Falkenjäger [The falconer] 1888 Large scale

Frans Floris (1517-1570) Der Falkenjäger [The falconer] 1888 Large scale