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Many falconers have personal collections of artefacts collected over years of dedication to our sport. These may be ancient or more recent items of falconry furniture, books, photographs or correspondence from falconers. Don't forget that even recent items linked to well known modern falconers will, at some point in the future, be of historical interest to someone. If you have material that you think has value as a piece of our cultural heritage, there are a number of options for making it accessible to the wider falconry community.

You may:

  • Donate the original item as a gift without charge or leave it as a legacy to the FHT
  • Sell the original to the FHT
  • Loan the original item physically to the FHT whilst retaining legal ownership
  • Donate an archive copy. The FHT is permitted to display images or information about the item but you retain ownership and all copyrights
  • Retain ownership of the item, allowing the FHT to have copyright of it to raise funds and to display it on the archive

If you are considering donating an item or have any queries, please contact us to discuss it further.