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Karalaev Sayakbai (1894—1971) - berkutchi and founder of Kyrghyz National Epos

Karalaev Sayakbai (1894—1971)

Date Created: 18 December 2015

Karalaev Sayakbai (1894—1971)

Kyrghyzian writer, member of Union of Writers of the USSR. Narrator of heroic people epos «Manas», storyteller. He was born in Semiz-Bell place (now Tonskiy district of Issyk-Kul region) in peasant family. Since 12 years he together with his father handfarmed in bais. In 1918 he joined up Red Army, participated in military actions in Siberia, Kazakhstan, Middle Asia. In 1930 In Siceitific-Research Institute of language and literature under Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan  from his words “Manas” began to be written. From his words another epos was written — «Toshtuk». From Kyrghyzian language into Russian language the following his books were translated: «Er Toshtyuk» (1958) and «Golden call» (1959). He was known as berkutchi – hunter with the Golden Eagle.


Kak ya okhotilsya s berkutom (How I hunted with the Golden Eagle) – in Russian


Okhota s berkutom (stih) Hunting with Golden Eagles (verses) – in Russian





Author: Karalaev Sayakbai

Source: the Internet

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Location: Moscow, Bishkek

Link to Website: http://www.ohot-prostory.ru/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=425&Itemid=30

Karalaev Sayakbai (1894—1971) on horse with a bird

Karalaev Sayakbai (1894—1971) on horse with a bird

Karalaev Sayakbai (1894—1971) is sitting in front of hunting Golden Eagles

Karalaev Sayakbai (1894—1971) is sitting in front of hunting Golden Eagles