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Wallis R.J. Re-examining stone ‘wrist-guards’ as evidence for falconry in later prehistoric Brit

Author: Robert J.Wallis

Year of Publication: 2014

Source: The Internet

Publisher: Antiquity: A Periodical Review of Archaeology

Place of Publication: Antiquity

Volume: 88

Issue: 340

Pages: 411-424

Language: English

The polished stone objects known as ‘wrist-guards’ found in Early Bronze Age graves in Britain and Continental Europe have proved difficult to interpret. Are they connected with archery, as has long been supposed, or were they instead associated with falconry? Using trained birds of prey for hunting is an elite practice in many historical and ethnographic contexts, and would be consistent with the appearance of exotic materials in these graves. Detailed consideration of the wrist-guards and associated objects from a falconer's perspective, however, demonstrates that the argument is unconvincing.

Robert J. Wallis

*Richmond University, the American International University in London, 1 St Alban's Grove, London W8 5PN, UK (Email: wallisr@richmond.ac.uk)

Link to Website: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=9438576