Birds of Prey: Medicine and Management by Manfred Heidenreich

Author: Manfred Heidenreich

Year of Publication: 1997

Source: Library of Dr Nick Fox

Publisher: Blackwell Science

Place of Publication: Oxford ; Malden, MA, USA

Pages: 284

Language: English

ISBN: 0632041862

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  • Birds of prey : medicine and management /? Manfred Heidenreich ; English translation by Yvonne Oppenheim.
Uniform Title
  • Krankheit der Greifvo?gel. English
  • Heidenreich, Manfred.
  • Oxford ; Malden, MA, USA : Blackwell Science, 1997.
Physical Description
  • x, 284 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm.
  • This remarkable book provides a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of raptors. Since many diseases are attributable to poor husbandry, management and breeding practices are explained in detail. A number of hitherto unknown diseases and new surgical techniques are presented and the sterilisation of falcons is described for the first time.
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Taxonomic classification of birds of prey
  • 3. Management of raptors in captivity
  • 4. Feeding
  • 5. Captive breeding
  • 6. Marking and identification
  • 7. Clinical examination
  • 8. Clinical therapie
  • 9. Infectious diseases
  • 10. Parasitic diseases
  • 11. Nutritional deficiencies and metabolic disorders
  • 12. Toxicoses
  • 13. Diseases of specific organ systems
  • 14. Neoplasms
  • 15. Anesthesia
  • 16. Rehabilitation of wild birds of prey
  • 17. Forensics
  • 18. Legal issues regarding birds of prey
  • 19. Additional references
  • 20. Glossary of falconry terms
  • 21. Index.
  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 263-265) and index.
  • English
  • 0632041862
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