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Saint Bavo at Catholic Forum web-site

Saint Bavo at Catholic Forum web-site

Date Created: 09 November 2017

St. Bavo

This image was taken from a modern "holy card" and posted at the Catholic Forum website. The crucifix and skull are common attributes in images of contemplatives (compare Mary Magdalene and Jerome). The bird appears to refer to the medieval use of a falcon on the wrist as an attribute of St. Bavo as he was before his conversion.

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Prepared in 2014 by Richard Stracke, Emeritus Professor of English, Augusta University, revised 2015-09-15.

Author: Unknown

Source: The Internet

Owner: Catholic Forum web-site, Catholic-Forum.com

Location: Catholic-Forum.com

Link to Website: http://www.christianiconography.info/biggerFiles/bavoHolyCard.html