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William Brodrick. Photo of circa 1848

William Brodrick. Photo of circa 1848

Date Created: 18 April 2018

Comments from Peter Barry Devers with many thanks to him:

WILLIAM BRODRICK. This circa 1848 ambrotype of British falconer William Brodrick is the earliest known photograph of a falconer and a living bird of prey. Brodrick, an artist, was intrigued by the new invention of photography and had several ambrotypes made of himself and his falcons. This photograph is at The Archives of Falconry in Boise, Idaho. Brodrick gave one of his early ambrotypes to Major Fisher and that too is in the collection at Boise. Another of Brodrick's ambrotypes is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Several others are in the private collections of falconers.


Author: Unknown

Source: Peter Barry Devers

Owner: The Archives of Falconry

Location: Boise, Idaho, USA