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  • 20th Century
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Comments from Charlie Boterletter.

From looking up the details it was sold at $ 80.99 at 13 March 2015 and most likely at
From the brass artwork it could be late 19th century or early 20th century made probably in Europe.
It is a pity that the back of this object isn’t shown a
nd neither shows how the lid hinges. Lacking that information one would know if it is attached to a belt.
If the ornamental piece forms part of the lid it would, when opened, be pushed up against the jacket of the falconer which makes awkward for the falconer to get a small piece of meat for a pick-up.
When this object was purposely made for falconry it surely would show artwork depicting falconry.
Without more details it is unlikely that is was originally meant to be used as it is now described but it may well have been used as such.
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