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A Falconer by Utagawa Kunisada (1823-1880)

A Falconer by Utagawa Kunisada made in 1812

Date Created: 21 February 2019

A Falconer by Utagawa Kunisada (1823-1880).

Comments from Dr Keiya Nakajima:

The picture shows famous Shogun (Minamoto no Yoritomo, upper person) and his retainer (Goromaru Shigemune) at the end of 12th century in Japan. Shogun is the head of warrior class (Samurai) as ruler in feudal times. Their names are written on the right of persons. It is an imaginary picture of the scene that strong retainer (not falconer) stands by at the side of master with Goshawk in the hunting field.


Age: 1812
Size: 14,5 x 10 inches
Media: Woodblock Print
Condition: Fair, small holes and bottom edge torn in 2 places

Item No: 4983

Author: Utagawa Kunisada (1823-1880) Japanese artist

Source: The Internet

Owner: Robin Buntin of Honolulu Gallery

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Islands, USA

Link to Website: https://www.robynbuntin.com/A-Falconer-p/4983.htm