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Stroganov Sergei. 2018. "Ideal landscape: preparations for falconry"

Author: Stroganov Sergei

Year of Publication: 2018

Source: The Internet

Publisher: ARKO

Place of Publication: Moscow, Russia

Language: Russian

ISBN: 978-5-91208-282-5

A book about Jan Wijnants and Philip Wouvermann and one unidentified paiting.

Googlle trasnlation is pasted below with annotation to this book:

"Works that have not retained authorship occupy a special place in the works of the masters who created them. The painting “Collections on Falconry,” which is stored in the St. Petersburg collection of Irina and Yuri Vasilyev, has long been considered a work by an unknown artist.

Museum restoration revealed his affiliation to the Dutch school of painting of the XVII century.

Researcher of the Department of Western European Art of the Hermitage Sergey Stroganov, by analyzing the paintings stored in various museums around the world and first of all at the Hermitage, proved that this painting was created around 1663 by the famous master of idealized landscape Jan Vijnants and the famous “horse artist” Philips Vauverman . All over the world there are only eight paintings created jointly by these two largest Dutch artists of the XVII century. The discovery of original authors allows to introduce new features in the understanding of the works of masters and their place in the history of art."

Jan Jansz Wijnants (alternatively Wynants) (1620 – buried 23 January 1684) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.

Link to Website: http://primuzee.ru/shop/Knigi/Idealnyi-peizaj_-Sbory-na-sokolinyu-ohoty

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Stroganov Sergei. 2018.

Stroganov Sergei. 2018. "Ideal landscape: preparations for falconry"