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"Harun-Al-Raschid" (763-809) by Julius Köckert (1827-1918)

Date Created: 10 July 2019

"Harun-Al-Raschid" (763-809)

Al-Raschid was the Caliph from 786-809. The painting, which is dated 1864, tells of the meeting of a delegation sent to Al-Raschid by Charlemagne in the year 798. Among the gifts brought by the diplomatic delegation was a falcon (held here by a young man).

This shows the importance of falconry in Persia around the year 800.

Type of print: Photogravure

Artist: Julius Köckert (1827-1918)

Printed and published by Gebbie & Husson. Philadelphia ca. 1890

Condition. Except for minimal traces of age and use: Very good clean print.

Printed not with black but with brownish ink, which provides for a rather warm texture.

16,7 x 30,6 cm (ca. 6.6 x 12")

$ 130.00

Order Nr. FALCONRY238841

Author: Julius Köckert (1827-1918), German artist

Source: The Internet

Owner: www.philographikon.com

Location: Munich, Germany

Link to Website: http://www.philographikon.com/falconry.html

"Harun-Al-Raschid" (763-809) by Julius Köckert (1827-1918) 2